Bacheng town is a ancient water towns in southern Yangtze River, it has a history of more than 2500 years, it is also birthplace of Kunqu Opera and hometown of hero Fei Junlong; Town area is up to 157 square kilometers, it is the largest town area of Kunshan City, the resident population reach about 120000 people in this town, This town contains Bacheng, Shipai, Zhengyi three sub-district office, Yangcheng Lake Tourist Resort Center, Kunshan Soft


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Green dumpling

Green dumpling is soft and thin, it is sweet but not greasy, delicious but not scattered, mature but not yellow, it can be stored for a week and fresh as ever.


Yangcheng Lake crab is not good, why live in Suzhou?." Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs since ancient times, many diners respected, and even have the best reputation in the world.

Tens of thousands of acres of grape base

Tens of thousands of acres of grape base was established in October 2006, at present, there are four subordinate bases, including Bacheng Lake Village, Maoshatang Village, Maliaojiang Village and Long