Yangcheng Lake Fairmont Hotel


Yangcheng Lake Fairmont HotelAddress:No. 3668 West Ma'anshan Road, Ba Town, Kunshan

Yangcheng Lake Fairmont Hotel is located at No.3668, West Maanshan Road, Bacheng Road, Kunshan City, people can directly overlooking the lake scenery from high point of the hotel: There are harmonious lake, green trees, farmland complement each other in evening park at one side, there are also European style villas at the other side, customers can enjoy comfortable at ease. The hotel covers very large area, there are small animal conservation areas, duck feeding area, you can also rent a bike ride from the hotel along the Yangcheng Lake, customers can go to the hotel's organic farm and see lambs and peacocks. People who can find here the most fresh and honest feeling of happiness, usually, they live in the bustling city. Tel:0512-57800888.