Green dumpling

Green dumpling is soft and thin, it is sweet but not greasy, delicious but not scattered, mature but not yellow, it can be stored for a week and fresh as ever. In addition to the use of materials and handmade, there is a secret technology to produce pulp strawberry juice. Kunshan can produce very sophisticated wheatgrass juice. A kind of wild plants called pulp wheat straw is selected, we use the pulp strawberry juice and dyed good glutinous rice flour, such green dumpling has green color, pure fragrance and unique taste, it is a amazing green dumpling.
South Green dumplings, the most famous is the city is Miriam Town Youth League, every Qingming Festival, the town will come to buy are streams of people busily coming and going, youth man. Qingming rain thickly between heaven and earth to drifting profusely and disorderly, woven into a damp net, it still can not stop the love of green dumpling.
Green dumpling history can be traced back to the Qing Dynasty, the legend of Hyderabad is Miriam town has a woman named Zhao Hui, found a wheat straw pulp is a good raw material for green dumpling green juice, and hand grinding powder dumpling is more soft and sticky teeth, do not break down, for a few days not hard, do not change color. Later, the town center bridge a cake shop in the old Mrs Chen Sibao from Zhao Huichu learned the secret recipe, from green dumpling supply in the market, has become a kind of color taste and beauty, with local characteristics of the snacks, in the late Qing Dynasty had been classified as a tribute festival.

Make green dumpling with a weed called "wheat straw pulp" wash soak in lime Sheng bowl, soak in a period of time, remove the mash, squeeze out green juice, with glutinous rice, indica rice flour and mix well, then Rice noodles, start making dumplings. The dumpling stuffing is made of fine sugar sweetened bean paste, jujube, rose and so on are also useful for other fillings, the stuffing, the other put a small piece of sugar lard. Group blank after they steamed into the cage, cage when other cooked vegetable oil evenly on the surface of the ball has become the brush brush!

Just came out of the dumpling green jade, green like jade, sweet but not greasy, fat but not sweet.
Now the youth not only is a delicacy to enjoy, it is more important to carrying on the family memorial and the folk heritage, add a bright color for the annual Qingming festival.