Tens of thousands of acres of grape base


Tens of thousands of acres of grape base was established in October 2006, at present, there are four subordinate bases, including Bacheng Lake Village, Maoshatang Village, Maliaojiang Village and Longtan Lake Village. There are more than 10 varieties, such as Summer Black, Drunk grapes, Kyoho grape, Muscat Kyoho, Goldfinger, Xinnongle grape, Sunshine roses, etc. Base construction of Bacheng mainly rely on development of modern agriculture, Bacheng vigorously introduce fine varieties of grapes at home and abroad, pollution-free planting technology is all implemented, mode of operation of company, base and farmers drive development of Xingqijiu farm, East China Ecological Farm, Grape plantations of ancient city and Dragon grape plantation, more than 500 farmers have joined, nearly 8,000 tons of high quality grapes are produced for every year, it play a positive role for development of modern urban agriculture, town of enriching village of process, tourism functions, reduction of agricultural non-point source pollution and environment protection and so on.