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Water Dream

Water Dream


Kunshan Water Dream Health and Entertainment Theme Park is situated in Bacheng Town, Kunshan City. With a total investment of 820 million yuan and covering an area of 284 acres, the park is designed for health, entertainment, and commercial use. The land was obtained through auction and tender, and is owned by Suzhou Water Dream Amusement Park Co., Ltd. The theme park mainly features large-scale amusement facilities, and construction began in April 2014, with the park opening its doors to the public in June 2015.
Suzhou Water Dream Amusement Park Co., Ltd. operates the Water Dream Park, mainly focusing on large-scale water amusement projects. The park operates from June to August each year and has welcomed approximately 70,000 to 80,000 visitors annually since 2020, with a ticket price of 180 yuan. In 2013, Kunshan Water Dream Health and Entertainment Project was introduced to fill the summer tourism gap in Bacheng. After its completion, it played an important role in improving the town’s tourism functions, breaking seasonal limitations, and innovating tourism supply-side reforms. Gradually, a new four-season tourism development pattern has formed, featuring “Spring: Stroll through the countryside and enjoy the blooming flowers, summer :Enjoy water activities and fruit picking, autumn: Taste crabs and appreciate chrysanthemums, and winter: Engage in sports and wellness activities”. This has broken the previous reliance on crab season to attract visitors and created new tourism opportunities. Currently, the second phase of the hotel project is under construction, aiming to create a landmark project that operates year-round.

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江苏省苏州市昆山市江苏省苏州市昆山市巴城镇巴城社区祖冲之北路西侧-Water Dream

West side of Zuchongzhi North Road, Bacheng Community, Bacheng Town, Kunshan City, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province