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Visitor Instructions

Visitor Instructions


1. To promote civilized sightseeing, please follow the regulations of Yangcheng Lake Scenic Area, pay attention to safety warnings within the area, and register at the visitor center for group entry.
2. Elderly people and children must be accompanied by a guardian when visiting the scenic area, and the accompanying guardian is responsible for their safety. During the tour, please take care of your personal belongings.
3. Uncivilized behaviors such as chasing, scavenging, smoking, wearing indecent clothing, spitting, and littering are strictly prohibited in the scenic area. Superstitious activities, fighting, provoking trouble, theft, and robbery are also strictly prohibited.
4. Please do not play near the water or swim; kites or aerial vehicles are not allowed in areas where there are high-voltage lines; pets, roller skates, skateboards, and other fast-moving entertainment equipment are prohibited, and do not hang hammocks or damage trees in the area.
5. Do not bring flammable or explosive items into the scenic area. Open flames such as barbecues, bonfires, fireworks, and sky lanterns are strictly prohibited in non-designated areas.
6. Please protect Yangcheng Lake scenic area resources. Do not dispose of harmful substances that may affect the environment; do not damage public facilities, and inform nearby security personnel if you encounter any issues; do not pick flowers, fruits, or dig up wild vegetables, and do not harm or capture wild animals such as birds and fish.
7. No unauthorized commercial activities are allowed in the scenic area. Professional and commercial filming or recording and distribution of flyers are prohibited without permission.
8. Behaviors that cause disturbance or noise pollution to others (such as loud noises, playing music, or playing instruments) are prohibited in the scenic area.
9. To ensure visitor safety, motor vehicles, electric vehicles, and disabled motor vehicles are not allowed to enter the scenic area without permission. Permit holders of vehicles allowed in the scenic area should control their speed (no more than 15 km/h), actively give way to pedestrians, and park in designated areas in an orderly manner to ensure safety.
10. Visitors who violate these regulations will be managed by Yangcheng Lake Scenic Area staff. Those suspected of illegal activities will be handed over to judicial authorities for legal processing. Your opinions and suggestions on the scenic area’s tourism services are welcomed.