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The original name was Yangcheng Lake Water Park.

Bajie Park

AAA-rated Yangcheng Lake Scenic Area

Covering an area of 3.79 square kilometers

The water area is 1.2 square kilometers, and the surrounding greening area exceeds 910,000 square meters

Promoting the Spirit of ‘The First Person to Eat Crabs’ and Encouraging Pioneering Attitudes


Known as “One-Line-Sky”

Bacheng Ancient Street

AAA-rated Yangcheng Lake Scenic Area

Core area covering 47,200 square meters

The old street typically refers to the main street, which is about 280 meters long from east to west and less than 2 meters wide.

Composed of main streets, small streets, East Main Street, alleys, Sheng Jia Pang, and Shi Qiao Gang.


Located at the center of Zhengyi Ancient Street

Zhengyi Ancient Street

Approximately 1.5 kilometers in length.

Shangtang Street is about 2 meters wide, with a surface made of crushed stones and slabs.

Seven hundred years of literary elegance, seeking the beauty of Jade Mountain, Three thousand hectares of waves and moonlight, a harmonious melody in a flourishing age.


Youth popular science education base is located in the east of Yangcheng Lake

Linshizui Youth Science Popularization Education Base

A new type of “tourism+” research and study site.

The base has developed a series of original quality courses for middle and high grades of primary school.

Learn about the concepts and methods of ecological agriculture and water resource protection.


Located in Xibang, between Yangcheng Lake and Kuihu Lake in Kunshan

kun Opera School

Enjoying the leisurely riverside scenery, there is a unique taste.

Inherit and promote the distinctive cultural heritage of Kunqu Opera and its unique style.


Located by Yangcheng Lake

Yuefeng Island Organic Farm

Covering an area of 605 acres.

Among which 230 acres is dedicated to vegetable and fruit production, and 375 acres to rice production.

Unified green control design, unified pest monitoring, and unified organizational control.


Health and Entertainment Theme Park

Water Dream

With a total investment of 820 million yuan and covering an area of 284 acres

The theme park mainly features large-scale amusement facilities

Spring: Stroll through the countryside and enjoy the blooming flowers/Summer: Enjoy water activities and fruit picking/Autumn: Taste crabs and appreciate chrysanthemums/Winter: Engage in sports and wellness activities


A 10,000 square meter eco-friendly restaurant.

Huadong Kaixin Farm

Covering an area of over 400 acres.

There are three large banquet halls, each with its own unique characteristics, capable of

Indulge in the farm life, play amidst the forests, and leisurely wander through the orchards for a one-of-a-kind experience.


Kunshan Guotai Tulip Dutch Style Park

Tulip Garden

Covers a planned area of 200,000 square meters

located about 160 meters east of the intersection of Linhu Road and Huanhu East Road in Bacheng Town

amusement facilities include off-road go-karts, outdoor camping, barbecue, team building, and children’s entertainment